Blinc Micro Trimmer

Blinc Micro Trimmer

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Easy-to-use eyebrows trimmer

Blinc Micro Trimmer helps you shape and trim your brows for a natural, flawless finish every time. Designed specifically to trim unwanted hair safely, quickly, easily and shape eyebrows with extreme precision. Features a dual-sided adapter, allowing you to trim your brow hairs at different lengths for a custom look. Its slim, pen-like design is safe and easy-to-use for a precise and even trim.

How to use:
Prior to first use, please remove plastic wrapping from the battery.
1. Take off micro trimmer cap.
2. Included with your trimmer is a 2-sided eyebrow adapter for trimming the length of your eyebrow hairs. One side is longer, while the other provides a shorter trim.
3. Make sure the trimmer is turned off and slide the appropriate side of the adapter onto the trimmer head with the eyebrow trimming blade facing the desired side of the adapter.
4. Slide the switch button up to turn the micro trimmer on.
5. Trim eyebrow in the direction against its natural growing trend. Slowly move the blade from the tip of the eyebrow to the opposite end.
6. To remove the adapter, turn the power off and simply slide the adapter off.
7. For trimming stray hairs above, below or between your brow line, use the trimmer without the adapter and gently trim unwanted hairs using short, controlled strokes.

*include one AAA battery



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