Wonjin Effect Baby Glow + Water Bomb Cream Set

Wonjin Effect Baby Glow + Water Bomb Cream Set

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1.Wonjin Effect Baby Glow Cream 45ml

Daytime radiant recovery cream that brightens your skin from the inside. Baby Glow Cream made with the Skin Recovery Technology of WONJIN will let you experience a youthful and bright skin glowing from inside out.

Baby Glow Cream Wondeful Effects :

  1. Improving Skin Luster Effect
  2. Skin Complexion Care
  3. Water Supplement
  4. Presenting Glossy Skin
  5. Skin Whitening Effect

Tips to effectively use Baby Glow Cream

1.Naturally Glowing Skin without Make-up

Apply Baby Glow Cream after cleasing, it will power up the natural radiance of your skin, gives you a naturally glowing skin without make-up.

2.Glossy Make-up

Pre-applying Baby Glow Cream before make-up will prevent the certain colour sense of foundation to look heavy, then to present a softly glowing skin with glossy make-up.


2.Wonjin Effect Water Bomb Cream 50ml

Moisturizing Facial Cream provides whole time moisture care for the skin to stay firm and elastic. WONJIN Hydra Technology effectively delivers water energy to the deeper side of the skin. The mysterious ingredients of clean Jeju such as Jeju Hot Spring Water, Jeju Oxygenated Water, Green Tea, Honey, Camellia Oil, Gardenia Seeds, etc., strongly moisturizes the skin, makes the skin luminous and crystal clear. waterfull 8 complex ingredients such as Jeju Hydrogen Water, Marine Collagen, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Brown Algae, Tangle Weed, Bamboo Water and Hyaluronic Acid, 8 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients extremely supplies water moisture to the skin to form a moisture barrier in order to protect the skin from toxic substances outside.

Water Bomb Cream Point:

  1. Moisture Supply
  2. Fast Absorptivity
  3. Freshness Addition

Water Bomb Wonderful Effect:

  1. Moisture Supply
  2. Skin Tone Improvement
  3. Skin Clean Effect
  4. Brightening
  5. Skin Recovery



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